👋 goodbye to digital distractions

Make procrastination a thing of the past. Serene's website blocker works in tandem with its app blocker, session planner and phone silencer so you can focus on what matters and get more done.

Silence social media's siren song

You sit down at your desk with the best intentions, determined to crack on with work but nevertheless still find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of emails, news sites & social media.

And it’s no wonder — these sites are carefully designed to hijack your attention.

More than just a website blocker, Serene boosts productivity and gets your focus back in one click. Designed to automate everything you need to focus on what matters, Serene’s website blocker is one of a dozen focus-enhancing techniques we’ve built into the app to help you get more done.

Retrain your brain.

Even with the best intentions in the world, it’s easy to get distracted. Often, we’re our own worst enemy. Serene helps you break unproductive habits when you need to focus.

When you use Serene for the first time, you’ll select which websites you want to block and be prompted to download the Chrome extension to enable Serene’s website blocking feature. Designed to work in partnership with Serene’s daily session planner, the website blocker help keep your attention for the tasks that matter.

Go Serene.

When you’re ready to work, simply click ‘Go Serene’ to start a focus session which lasts between 20-60 minutes before you’re prompted to take a short break.

If you fall off the wagon and visit a blocked website during a focus session, we’ll replace the distracting website with a Serene screen reminding you of the task you’re working on and a session countdown timer. You’ll also see your goal & current session information when you open a new tab.

Results follow daily habits.

After each session, Serene will ask whether you finished your task and if you ran into any distractions.

If you find yourself straying to other websites you haven’t blocked (don’t worry, no one’s perfect), this question will act as a prompt to add them to your block list. When you’ve finished all your sessions, you’ll be able to reflect on how productive you were and if you achieved your goal.

Track your long-term results using Serene’s reporting insights and see your productivity soar.

Half of our work interruptions are self-inflicted, like switching from a task to scrolling through Instagram “for just a minute”, or quickly responding to a co-worker.

       Udemy 2018 Workplace Distraction Report

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