Phone off. Game on.

It's impossible to focus on what matters when your phone is lighting up like a Christmas tree. When you need to do deep work, Serene blocks notifications and silences texts and calls so you can stay in flow and get more done.

Change your environment, change your habits.

Being hyper-connected can have its advantages, but the constant barrage of distractions that come with it make focus impossible and stand between you and your best work.

There are plenty of apps out there which can silence your phone. But the problem isn’t just our phones. It’s our entire digital environment.

Serene offers a one-stop solution to boost productivity and get your focus back in a sigle click, automating everything you need to focus on what matters. Serene’s phone silencer works alongside a dozen other focus-enhancing techniques to help you organise your day around a single goal that matters and get back to doing your best work; free from distractions and other people’s priorities.

Go Serene.

At the start of each day, you’ll set one main goal and break that goal into focus sessions of between 20-60 minutes. When you’re ready to start a session, one click will send you into a Serene work environment to help you focus on the task at hand.

Don’t fancy planning sessions? You can still “Go Serene” at any time to be free of digital distractions with the click of a single button.

Take back control.

Doing your best work is as much about eliminating distractions as it as about having a clear goal that your day is structured around.

Serene not only blocks incoming distractions, but it also prompts you to clearly break your day into sessions around a single important goal that will enable you to get your best work done.

Get in flow. Stay in flow.

Digital distractions hit us from all directions and on all of our devices.

Not only will your phone be silenced during your focus session, you’ll be able to block disruptive desktop apps, blacklist distracting websites and play focus music scientifically proven to boost concentration so you can get into flow, and stay there.

36% of office and remote workers under 40 spend over 2 hours per day distracted by their smartphone.

            Udemy, 2018 Workplace Distraction Report

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