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All features. 10 free deep work hours.
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$4/mo billed annually

All features. Unlimited usage.

“I tried it expecting it to be a bit of a waste of time, but wow, there’s *something* about this app which crystallises planning and focus perfectly for me”

Will Cannings CTO, Sygn

12 Reasons why customers love Serene

Serene has everything you need to block distractions and get work done.

Block websites

Block all the websites that distract your focus.

Focus music

Get into deep work with music to help you focus.


Import task-lists from your favourite to-do apps

Block apps

Block the apps that distract you most.

Timed sessions

Customise the length of your deep work sessions.


Track your productivity with our analysis feature.

Plan your day

Plan around your most important tasks.

Timed breaks

Take timed breaks and work smarter not harder.

Weekly reports

Weekly productivity reports straight to your inbox.

Plan future days

Plan ahead, stay ahead and achieve your goals.


Be reminded to plan and start your sessions.


Connect your favourite apps plus silence your phone.

Used by really productive people

Common questions

Got more questions? Email us [email protected]

After installing Serene and in subsequent days you will be prompted to plan your day by adding sessions of work. You can control the duration of each of these “Serene sessions”. Once you have planned your day you can start a Serene session which will set the timer and start subtracting time from your free 10 hours (600 minutes).

The deep work hours is the duration of time you spend in a Serene session. When you complete your session, the duration of that session is counted as time in deep work.

If you find you need more than the 10 deep work hours (600 minutes) to try out the app, get in touch by emailing us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time. Get in touch by emailing us at [email protected] and we can cancel your plan.

All data is stored safely and is securely encrypted. You can read our Privacy Policy and Data Protection.

Serene brings together all the features you need to get into focused deep work faster and for longer. Other apps either provide you with the focus features or the planning features whereas Serene is the all-in-one productivity tool.

Currently, Serene only works on MacOS. We hope to bring Serene to Windows and other devices in the future.