Finally, achieve your goals

By shielding yourself from distractions with Serene, the macOS app for laser focus

Available now on macOS. Coming soon to Windows.

Don't let distractions hold you back

Serene is a macOS app that gives you productivity superpowers by layering three proven techniques to boost focus.

Start your day right

Serene prompts you to define one goal each day and then break your day down into sessions.

This is proven to help you achieve undisturbed deep work and prioritise the goals that matter most to you.

“I tried it expecting it to be a bit of a waste of time, but wow, there’s *something* about this app which crystallises planning and focus perfectly for me, and after a period of being especially unproductive, Serene has helped me get more work done than I’ve been able to achieve in a long time. So, thank you, you’ve not only made a great app, but materially helped me improve my life.”

Will Cannings CTO, Sygn

Block digital distractions

When you enter a session, Serene shields you from distractions by blocking distracting apps & websites.

Serene can also silence your phone, control Internet-connected lights, update your Slack status and more, to help you create your optimal deep work environment.

“I am a great believer in working smarter and not harder. A tool like Serene keeps you focused, avoiding distractions that do nothing to move you towards your goals”

Paul Boag Founding Partner, Boagworks

Stay focused for longer

Focus music, countdown timers, and regular breaks are proven to help you stay focused, but only when you have a clear plan and can work distraction-free.

Unlike most productivity tools, Serene offer focus enhancers while solving the underlying problem.

“I started using Serene today and I LOVE it! I was so much more productive than I expected. The process you have created works well and the music/timer combo really helps.”

Mark Kingston Marketing Director, Five Mile Marketing

Entrepreneurs use Serene to
work on their business

It takes discipline to work on your business, rather than in it. Serene helps you make time for the important non-urgent work.

Marketers use Serene to
get results

In today’s distracted world, your ability as a marketer to focus on what matters is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Developers use Serene for
deep work

To do your best work, you need uninterrupted time to solve complex problems. Deliver more code you’re proud of with Serene.

Freelancers use Serene to
smash their to-do list

You’re spinning a million plates to keep clients happy. Serene helps you get back in control and make productive days the norm.

Product designers use Serene
to make time for creativity

Your best ideas need time to be nurtured and reworked. Serene gives you the space to get in the zone without distraction.

Writers use Serene to
let the words flow

It takes 22 minutes to get back into flow after each distraction. Serene helps you get into flow and stay there.

Serene users report feeling very productive 2.1X more often when using Serene. What could you achieve with twice as many productive days?