One day, one goal.

Multi-tasking is a myth. Single-tasking is a super power. Serene prompts you to plan your day around a single, clear goal — helping you carve out time to focus on the work that really matters.

Busy is BS

In too many workplaces “busy” is the gold standard. Something to be proud of. We think that’s BS.

Instead of being busy and reacting to other people’s priorities, Serene helps you work more effectively by letting you focus on what matters and get more done (all without the need to pull your hair out).

Each day, Serene prompts you to set one, clear goal and break it into defined intervals of focused work and regular breaks.

When the planning’s done, Go Serene and you’ll be free of distractions and other people’s priorities, all in one click.

Plan your day

Get more of your best work done by blocking distractions, increasing focus, and planning your day around one clear goal that matters to you.

Each morning, identify what single thing you want to achieve and then break that down into a series of clearly defined sessions to help you achieve your goal. When each session starts, you’ll see a reminder of how to get started, so you have a clear plan of action to help you get stuck in.

Batch tasks.

When each session starts, Serene will tell you what you’re working on and how long you have to complete it, both in the app and when you open a new tab in your browser.

During each session, Serene will block distracting websites, apps and can even switch your phone to Do Not Disturb mode so you can stay on task while you work. If you do need to catch up on emails or tackle smaller, menial tasks — you can batch these into a single focus session, or check in during your breaks.

Stay focused.

Serene’s session planner prompts you to work in well-defined intervals of deeply focused work and regular breaks which are scientifically proven to enhance focus and help you achieve more.

Once you enter a focus session Serene will act like a pair of noise-cancelling headphones for your computer, blocking out the noise of your digital workplace. We even replace it with music proven to improve concentration!

Make sure every day you do what matters most. When you know what matters most, everything makes sense. When you don’t know what matters most, anything makes sense.

              Gary Keller, Author of The One Thing

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