The To-Do List You'll Get Done

Every to-do list tells you what needs doing. Serene helps you actually do it. Plan your day, stay on task and be accountable with Serene.

Multi-tasking is a myth. Single-tasking is a super power

Are you constantly checking emails & Slack, firefighting small tasks and getting to the end of the day with your actual to-do list untouched? We’ve been there.

Serene helps you focus on what matters and get more done. Unlilke traditional to-do lists with no clear priority, Serene prompts you to set one goal per day and break that goal into clearly defined intervals of focused work and regular breaks.

When the planning’s done, Go Serene and you’ll enter a work environment free of distractions and other people’s priorities, all in one click.

Get your focus back.

Serene is designed entirely around increasing focus and helping you get into deep work in one click.

Instead of manually shutting down distracting apps and websites, finding music to help you concentrate, putting your phone on silent and opening up your to-do list, Serene does all of this with the click of a single button.

Stay on task.

Allocate a time slot for each task on your list. When the session starts, Serene will tell you what you’re working on and how long you have to complete it.

During each session, Serene will block distracting websites, apps and switch your phone to aeroplane mode so you can stay on task while you work.

Be accountable.

After each session, we’ll ask whether you finished your task and if you ran into any distractions.

When you’ve finished all your sessions, you’ll get to reflect on how productive you were and if you achieved your goal. Serene’s reporting insights will show you your productivity trends over time, and help you identify your most common distractions so you can do something about them.

As a remote team ourselves, we built Serene so anyone who needs to focus can enter a serene work environment, free of distractions, in one click.

                                          Marcus Taylor, Founder

Ready to get your focus back?