Raise Productivity Across Your Whole Team

Shield your team from distractions and help them get their focus back

One team, focused, together

Unite your team against distraction and keep them focused on the things that matter. Increase motivation, improve collaboration and develop healthy habits across your team. Achieve your goals faster, isolate distractions quicker and work smarter every day, with Serene.

Shield your team from distractions

Allow each team member to block unlimited websites, apps & notifications across their devices. Helping each individual to stay focused on the things that matter.

Collaborate across your team

Utilise the dashboard and team member profiles to view who is in a focus session and see what they are working on for the day.

Improve your team

Plan goals and sessions for the week ahead, analyse performance & spot trends with our analysis features.

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How Serene Works

1. Set your Goal

Serene prompts you to define one goal each day and then break your day down into sessions. This is proven to help you achieve undisturbed deep work.

2. Focus

When you enter a session, Serene shields your attention by blocking digital distractions, playing focus music, starting a timer, and more.

3. Improve

Serene prompts you to record your distractions and review your day, so that you can eliminate common distractions & strengthen your focus habits.

“I started using Serene today and I LOVE it! I was so much more productive than I expected. The process you have created works well and the music/timer combo really helps.”

Mark Kingston Marketing Director, Five Mile Marketing

“I am a great believer in working smarter and not harder. A tool like Serene keeps you focused, avoiding distractions that do nothing to move you towards your goals”

Paul Boag Founding Partner, Boagworks

“I tried it expecting it to be a bit of a waste of time, but wow, there’s *something* about this app which crystallises planning and focus perfectly for me, and after a period of being especially unproductive, Serene has helped me get more work done than I’ve been able to achieve in a long time. So, thank you, you’ve not only made a great app, but materially helped me improve my life.”

Will Cannings CTO, Sygn