Distracted by other people's priorities?

When you want to do deep work, Serene's app blocker automatically shuts down distracting desktop apps like Slack and Skype, so you can take back control of your focus.

Get your focus back.

You’re trying to get into flow, but how can you?

Your inbox is overflowing with other people’s to-dos and Slack’s pinging you every other minute. Every remote worker knows this struggle. We built Serene to end it.

More than just an app blocker, Serene boosts productivity and gets your focus back in one click. Designed to automate everything you need to focus on what matters, Serene’s app blocker is one of a dozen focus-enhancing techniques we use to help you structure your day around one goal that matters and get back to doing your best work, distraction free.

Take back control.

Even if we do find a quiet space to work, our digital environment is full of noise. If you’re constantly firefighting other people’s priorities, you’ll never get done what you set out to.

Serene helps you take back control and limit distractions so you can crack on and focus on what matters. When you download Serene, you’ll be prompted to select which desktop apps you want to block when you start a focus session.

Time to focus.

At the start of each day, you’ll set one main goal and break that goal into focus sessions of between 20-60 minutes. When you’re ready to start a session, one click will send you into a Serene work environment, free of distractions.

Not only will your selected apps be shut down, you’ll be able to blacklist distracting websites, silence your phone, and play focus music scientifically proven to boost concentration all with a single button.

Achieve more.

After sessions, Serene asks if you achieved what you set out to do, and lets you detail other distractions so you can stop them recurring.

At the end of each day, reflect on how productive you were and if you achieved your goal. Use Serene’s reporting insights to see your productivity trends over time — we’re pretty confident it’s going to be a nice surprise.

On average, it takes people 23 minutes to get back on task after an interruption. When you’re constantly dealing with emails and app notifications, that time quickly adds up. As remote workers ourselves, we built Serene so anyone with the same challenge can get their focus back and stay in flow as easily as possible.

           Marcus Taylor, Founder

Ready to Get Your Focus Back?