Get Your Focus Back

Shield yourself from digital distractions & focus on what matters with Serene

That's how long it takes to refocus each time you get distracted.

The modern work environment is increasingly full of distractions, both on-screen and off-screen. Not only is this proven to deteriorate our ability to focus, but it's also been shown to have a negative effect on our health.

We built Serene to put an end to this and help people get their focus back.

Do great work

Block distractions

Increase your focus

From playing scientifically-tuned focus music to prompting you to take regular breaks, Serene helps you turn your focus up to eleven.

Focus on What Matters to You

Take control of your digital environment today

23 Minutes.

Play optimised focus music

Focus session timer

Break reminders

When you enter a focus session, Serene automatically blocks distractions, so you can get your best work done, distraction-free.

We found that people are most productive when they have a clear set of tasks, and a clear goal. 

Block desktop apps

Silence your phone (coming soon)

Block websites

Daily goal-setting

Track your distractions & progress

Plan your day in sessions